Starting with 2/1/2017 effective dates, UnitedHealthcare is now allowing spreadsheet enrollment for Illinois-sitused 1-50 groups. This option may be exercised in lieu of providing individual employee applications. There is a specific UnitedHealthcare spreadsheet template – the Prime Enrollment Spreadsheet – that must be used if doing spreadsheet enrollment.

Please note, even if electing spreadsheet enrollment, you as the Broker and/or Client still must retain enrollment application forms on file for a period of at least 10 years.

The option of submitting individual employee applications to UnitedHealthcare is still available for those who prefer that route.

Please click here for UnitedHealthcare’s most current 1-50 checklist. Embedded within this checklist, you will find the Prime Enrollment Spreadsheet.  If you cannot see the embedded files, please contact your Euclid Managers Marketing Representative.

We hope this increased flexibility will make it easier to do business with UnitedHealthcare.

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